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Luxury, versatility and an icon of innovation, the Focus is designed to give you maximum driving pleasure with minimum effort. With every touch you can feel the precise craftsmanship that belies the Focusís price tag. And if you appreciate quality and style youíll be excited about the Focus accessories. Whether you want a touch more elegance, a sportier look or a bit more practicality, our accessories have been designed to fit perfectly around your life.

Ford Focus CC Gear Knob

Gear Lever Knob

Aluminium design 1

For 5-speed transmission

Part No.1 359 006

£ 38.57

For 6-speed transmission, from 10/2005 onwards

Part No.1517146

£ 38.57

Eibach Sports Suspension Lowering Kit

Balanced comfort under normal conditions, dynamic and sporty towards the operational limit, lowers the vehicle by 30 mm.

For all petrol engines

Part No.1 503 779

£ 187.00

For all diesel engines

Part No.1 503 780

£ 187.00

Ford Focus CC Hand Brake Cover

Hand-Brake Cover

With aluminium effect insert, complements matching gear lever knob

Part No.1 334 522

£ 38.57

Ford Focus CC Wind Break

Wind Break

For an even more comfortable and quieter ride whilst roof is open, convenient foldaway function, black frame, polyester, incl. bag for easy and secure storage

Part No.1 435 062

£ 289.13

Ford Focus CC Chromed Mirror Cover

Chromed Mirror Cover

Only for variants with integrated indicator

For left hand mirror

Part No.1 458 066

£ 50.77

For right hand mirror

Part No.1 458 067

£ 50.77


All Prices include VAT @ 20%

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